Go ahead, grab these simple documents and you could be on your way to BIG savings.

It’s so simple you can even upload a screenshot of the following documents.
✓ Current Billing Statement or Payoff Letter – Please provide a billing statement or payoff letter for each eligible loan. These documents must include: servicer name, borrower name, loan account number, loan IDs, or sequence numbers (where applicable) and payment mailing address.
Recent Pay Stub – Pay Stubs or proof of employment must be from within the last 30 days.
✓ W-2 Form – Must be from the most recent tax year.
Government Issued ID – Valid ID such as a Driver’s License, passport, or NonDriver’s License ID.
Account Information – instead of providing only a discount to those borrowers who select auto debit, Education Loan Finance provides a discount to all borrowers. All borrowers are required to make payments electronically. Borrowers who elect to make payments with auto debit are required to submit billing account information for setup.
Tax Returns – (if self-employed)

Billing Statements

For billing statements or payoff letters to qualify we’ll need to see the below information.

  • Name
  • Account number
  • Current balance or payoff amounts
  • Payment mailing address

Please note that each statement should not be more than 30 days old. Additionally, if you plan to exclude some loans from a single servicer, you will need to provide sequence numbers, loan IDs, or any identifying number for each loan to be included in your refinance.

Click here to view sample statements.

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